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2022 August Meeting in Centralia

For our August meeting Mike and Jeannell Charman graciously hosted us at their home in Centralia. Their property sits on Centralia Reservoir where hot air balloons from the Centralia Balloonfest will glide over the water’s surface.

We had a “fotball kamp” for a chance to win bracelets for entry into the balloonfest. Jess was the first to make it into the goal but Chuck didn’t let her enjoy her victory long as he followed her with his own goal. The majority of us had to make quite a few attempts and it was good fun!


Jeannell prepared an impressive feast for us all. There was a whole table of appetizers (forretter), sides, and treats and another table of entrees (hovedretter).


The entrees included Swedish meatballs (kjøttkaker), lamb with cabbage (kållam?), and some pasta with ground beef.

We enjoyed supper out on the porch together.


Be sure to check out all the photos in our 2022-08 Centralia photo album.


Thank you Mike and Jeannell!

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